New School Year Info

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2022-2023 School Supply List

Welcome to 2022-2023

Please see the information below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new year:

1. When does the school year begin?

August 17, 2022. The first bell rings at 7:50 AM. See the Calendar page for more info.

2. What is the schedule of a regular day?

First Bell - 7:50 AM - Classes begin at 7:55 AM.

Final Bell - 3:45 PM

3. What is the specific schedule for my child?

Class schedules will be finalized on the first day of school. A tentative schedule can be found on Parent Portal before school begins.

4. Will there be an After School Program this year?

Yes! There will be a continued ACE Program. Stay tuned for scheduling.

5. When are lunches?

Each student is provided a 30 min lunch. Elementary lunches begin between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM but vary by class. Junior high lunch is at 12:00 PM and High school lunch is at 12:48 PM.

6. May I bring my student lunch?

Lunches may be brought to students, however, such lunches should arrive on time. Students do not have permission to be late to class to finish a lunch that is brought in.

7. May students leave school for lunch?

Lometa School is a closed campus. Parents may request opportunities to take students to lunch on special occasions.

8. Can I eat with students at lunch.

Currently because of COVID-19 restrictions, visitors are not allowed to eat lunch in the cafeteria.

9. How can I obtain information regarding bus transportation to school?

Please call John Clawson at - 512-752-3384.

10. Where can I find information regarding school rules such as Dress Code?

Please click "Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct" under Student Services tab. Some aspects of Dress Code are under review.

11. What other sources of electronic information are available?

There is a Lometa ISD Facebook Page and Twitter - @LometaISD. Parents/students may monitor class grades and attendance with Parent Portal and Student Portal. Please contact Tiffany Smart at 512-752-3384 regarding questions about Parent/Student Portal.