Family Engagement

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Lometa ISD understands the value of community and family in education. We believe that it takes a strong partnership to ensure the social, emotional, and academic growth of our children. We are committed to increasing the engagement of families and our community in the education process through the following efforts:

Building Lines of Communication

Lometa ISD utilizes a variety of methods both formal and informal in order to facilitate effective communication among members of our educational community including:

  • Parent information meetings

  • Administrative Report (District Newsletter)

  • Written communication in Home Language as needed.

  • Phone/email communication with Parents

  • Home Visits

  • Parent/Student Portals - Web access for student grades and attendance information.

  • Lometa ISD Facebook/Twitter Pages

  • Class-Tag Communication System

  • Suggestion Box

Giving Opportunity for Parent/Student/Staff Interaction

Lometa Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in a number of school events with their students such as the following:

  • Muffins with Moms

  • Donuts with Dads

  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Veterans Day Celebration

  • Christmas Program

  • Parent/Community Volunteers

Providing Extended Support Hours

Lometa ISD provides extended hours through the After School Program to students, parents, and community members for:

  • Tutorials

  • Homework Assistance

  • Instruction in Positive Life Choices

  • Open Gym - Physical Activities

  • Family Literacy

  • Open Library

  • Family Computer Night

  • Adult English classes

Increasing Family Input in Decision Making

Lometa ISD encourages parents to be involved in local decision-making and information gathering.

Parent Surveys

  • Site-Based Decision Making Committee meetings

  • Lometa ISD School Safety Team

  • Suggestion Boxes

Providing Technology Access and Assistance

  • Lometa ISD will equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning by providing free access and assistance:

  • Broadband Internet resources.

  • Emerging technologies.

  • Assistance in utilizing technologies for family needs.

Encouraging Professional Growth Among Staff

  • Lometa ISD is committed to providing culturally responsive, evidence-based strategies to school staff that support the education of the child and emphasize the value and impact of parent's contribution to school through a variety of means:

  • Staff development offered at administrator, faculty, and department meetings

  • Professional Conferences and Workshops

  • Expert Trainings***

***Such trainings focus upon topics related to meeting to student and family needs such as:

  • Developing staff skills to support families to meet their learning goals

  • Supporting parent-child relationships in a way that values the culture and language of families

  • Recognizing how different cultures may influence family development

  • Developing effective communication strategies.

  • Meeting Social Emotional needs of student and families.

  • Providing students and families with assistance in parent leadership and support